Give and Get Program

Give and Get (GaG) is a program offered on our site where you the engineer or consultant can gain access to training packages on our site for free.  All you need is to give us temporary access to a requested network product on your network that we can use for creating a new training package.

Here is an example on how this would work?

  1. Let’s say you have access within your network to the Cisco Nexus 5000 & 2000 series switches. This would be one of products eligible in the ‘Give and Get’ program on our site.
  2. You give us access to that equipment remotely. We would temporarily use that environment for creating a new training package based on the Cisco Nexus 5000 and 2000 Series.
  3. In return you would gain access to that training package or any other training package/collection on our site for FREE.

Check out the ‘Eligible Products’ tab for the list of network appliances/products that are eligible for this program. If you do have access to any of those listed products and meet the requirements then you can apply. If you have any questions you can send us an email ( and we will answer any questions you may have.

Below are the eligible products in the Give and Get Program:

  1. Cisco Nexus 9000 Series (NX mode, ACI mode)
  2. Cisco APIC-EM
  3. Cisco Expressway
  4. Bluecoat ProxySG
  5. Cisco UCCE
  6. Cisco Telepresence
  7. Avaya IP Office 500 V2

The following are requirements for acceptance into the ‘Give and Get’ program:

  1. It must be one of the eligible products from our requested list (see the ‘Eligible Products’ tab).
  2. The product(s) must be within a lab environment that will not impact your production network.
  3. When accessing the product(s) and your network remotely we will require between 2-3 weeks to complete the work that is needed.
  4. The product(s) must be connected into some network topology with a connected computer/server. Click here to see an example
  5. A network diagram of how everything is connected is required for our engineers to use.
  6. For remote access it can be Client IPSec VPN or SSL VPN. We could also RDP or VNC to a server/computer that is connected to the network.  But the product(s) must be easily accessible and the Internet connection must be reliable.
  7. If the product requires console access then it should be connected to the server/computer that exist within the topology.
  8. The training package/collection you will get will depend on the eligible product. For example, the Cisco Nexus 7000, 5000, and 2000 series would give you access to a training collection on our site. However, other eligible products could be for a single training package.

If there any questions or clarification on any of these requirements please contact us at

If you understand the requirements for the program complete the application below:

1. Full Name:

2. Email Address:

3. Company:

4. Your Location (City, Country):

5. Eligible Product:

6. Upload Network Diagram of the topology with the Eligible Product (pdf, vsd, vsdx, jpg):

7. The equipment is in a lab environment? Yes

8. Length of time we can use the equipment?

9. Method we would use for accessing the equipment and network?

10. Desired Training Package/Collection from our site:

11. Additional Information (optional):