Hello Networkers,

In this course we will teach you network programmability in a practical way aimed for network engineers.  We will teach you programmability in regards to understanding data formats, data models, understanding relevant concepts, to even writing out several python scripts to manage the configuration on your network devices using different network device APIs from NETCONF to NX-API.

In this course, we will be covering the following topics:

  • Data Formats using JSON, XML, and YAML: starting out in this course we will talk about the different data formats which are used to send configuration or informational requests to a network device.  We will talk about the structure of these formats by working with many examples and using them in Python scripts.  We will also cover how to convert between different data formats.
  • Data Model using YANG: we will also talk about the YANG data model language which provides an official standard for what key and values we can define in a JSON or XML file to use with a network device API like NETCONF.
  • Network API using NETCONF without YANG: in this course we will show you how to use NETCONF with Cisco IOS and Nexus devices without using the YANG data models. We will show you how to use NETCONF with several Python scripts for building NETCONF connections to get the running config and to push configuration commands. We will show a basic approach for doing this, so you’ll understand what is going on. Then we will build some our scripts in a more recommended approach.
  • Network API using NX-API and Python API: in this course we will show you how to enable the NX-API feature and the NX-API Developer Sandbox on a Cisco Nexus switch. From there we will build out three Python scripts sending CLI API requests to a Cisco Nexus switch. One script will be focused on running show commands and another focused on pushing configuration commands. Then we will build a more practical script for entering the CLI commands we want to send in a more efficient way.
  • Planned Updates: additional topics will be added to this course for RESTCONF and using NETCONF with YANG data models to manage a Cisco network device.

You can get more details at: http://www.routehub.net/netdevops

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