Network Design Scenarios

We are proud to announce a new design training category based on the Network Design Cookbook 2nd Edition.

These type of design videos will be different compared to our other original network design training series.

In these video-based design scenarios, we will be building real-world designs based on a set of real customer requirements. This will be based on actual consulting design projects where we will show you a step-by-step approach for building a practical design that considers best practices, recommendations, and network engineer preferences.

We will reference the design cookbook, build our network diagram using Microsoft Visio step by step plus we will list any configuration details for our customer scenario.  This will help you learn how to build your own network designs comfortably using the design cookbook.

Below are the design scenarios currently available:

    1. Design Scenario #1: LAN w/ Redundant Internet and WAN: this design scenario will focus on a medium-sized customer LAN design using a redundant Internet and WAN topology.  The design we will build in this series will involve switching, routing, and VPN technologies.

All products in this category are included in the Ultimate Collection