Programming and DevOps

We have training focused on programming, network programmability, and DevOps.

We have several courses using Python in our collection.  We will show you the basics of the Python programming language and it’s main components.  We will show you how to build practical network applications such as generating a configuration file, applying configuration to a network device, and setting up your own network monitoring solution to check for faults and performance issues.

We have training for network automation and Software Defined Networking (SDN).  We will teach you how to deploy a SDN solution step-by-step in a practical approach. This will include network programmability with REST API to control traffic flows through a Data Center CLOS with SDN.  Plus, we have training for network automation using Ansible where we can push configuration commands for switching, routing, and many other services to network devices from a centralized controller.

Below are the Programming and DevOps related training packages available in our collection:

All products in this category are included in the Ultimate Collection