VMware vCloud Director Training

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This video series covers vCloud Director. The intent is to walk you through from beginning to end in the creation of your vCloud Director environment. We have a broad overview video that can help you get an idea of whether vCloud is right for you and some ideas about what you need to get it going. Then we will go more in depth with videos that will cover the concepts and configuration of the major components of vCloud Director. We will discuss the underlying architecture requirements, configuring the servers, or cells, that handle the vCloud Director software, and the configuration. We will also go over the networking concepts and how to implement them in your organization. The VMware Collection is our best offering to gain access to all videos, updates, and additions to our VMware packages for a whole year!

Videos (MP4) [14 video files, ~71 minutes] ; for best results use the VLC player or Quicktime

Below are the video topics in this series [14 video files, ~71 minutes]:

  1. vCloud Overview
  2. Planning and Architecture
    1. Creating a vSphere Distributed Switch
    2. vShield Configuration
    3. Microsoft SQL Database Configuration
  3. Creating vCloud Director Cells
    1. Installation and Configuration
  4. Initial Setup
  5. Organization Networks
  6. vApps and Virtual Machines
    1. Creating a Catalog
    2. Uploading an ISO
    3. Creating vApps and Virtual Machines