Software Defined Networking

We have training focused on automation and management of a network infrastructure. This can be a SDN or SD-WAN.

SDN is typically used in Data Center environments with a SDN controller to provide automation and management services for a group of Data Center switches. An SD-WAN is typically used in WAN environments with remote sites. SD-WAN can optimize application traffic (based on performance and latency) between sites using low-cost connectivity options such as an Internet connection.

In this new “Solutions/Subjects” category we will present different training packages showing you how to deploy a SDN (or SD-WAN) solution step-by-step in a practical approach. This will also include network programmability with REST API to control traffic flows through the Data Center with SDN.

Below are the SDN/SD-WAN related training packages available in our collection:

All products in this category are included in the Ultimate Collection