Questions & Answers

Do you have any Corporate / Volume pricing available for teams?

Yes, we do have Corporate (Volume) pricing available based on the number of users. Please contact us for more details.

How do I create an account?

When you purchase a training course or subscription, an account will be created for you automatically during checkout.

How do I access the training course content?

At this time, the delivery method for the training content in our courses are downloadable for off-line viewing. A streaming option will be introduced in the near future.

What do I need to have to use your training material?

Below are a few recommendations:

  • For web browsing on the site, make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox for best results.
  • For the video content use either the VLC player or the Quicktime player for best results. Windows Media Player may work for some videos, but not all.
  • For PDF documents use Adobe Reader. All of these programs are free to download.

What payment methods do you support?

At this time, we support Credit Card, Wire Transfer (ACH), or Company Check.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, our plans (Basic, Advanced, Ultimate) and course bundles provide a huge discount up to 40% (and higher) compared to if you purchased all of the individual packages one-by-one. These discounts don’t apply to system-wide discounts that may be available from time to time on our site.

You can get more details at:

Is the training lifetime access or subscription access?

Yes and no.

Our plans (Basic, Advanced, Ultimate) provide a one-year subscription to courses on the site for its respective training category.

If you are purchasing individual courses including Course Bundles, you will gain lifetime access to that training course version which includes any new updates added to that training package for a one-time purchase price.

I get an error while trying to download the training content?

The download links on that download page probably expired if you haven’t changed to a different page after an extended period of time.

Just refresh the page with the links and try downloading your files again.


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