Sample Video and Course Outline

Do you want to learn how to block certain applications like BitTorrent, Skype, to FTP? Do you want to learn how to block certain files uploaded towards the Internet? Do you want to block inappropriate websites to viruses? Do you want to setup remote access for users to access the network remotely? In this video series you will learn how to do many of these things and much more.

Sample Video

Course Outline

  1. Overview (Concepts and Design)
  2. Initial Access and Setup
  3. J-Web and System Properties
  4. JUNOS Overview (CLI Structure, CLI Tools)
  5. Software Update
  6. Security Zones
  7. Interfaces (LAN, WAN) & Default Gateway
  8. General Routing
  9. OSPF Routing:
    1. General OSPF Routing
    2. Injecting Default Route via OSPF
    3. Tuning OSPF Hello and Dead Timers
  10. Security Policy Components
  11. Address Book (Policy Elements)
  12. Source NAT (using Interface and Pool)
  13. Static NAT
  14. NAT Port Forwarding
  15. Security Policy
  16. Firewall Authentication (Pass-Through)
  17. Dynamic VPN (Client VPN) using Pulse Secure Client
  18. UTM – Web Filtering using Juniper Enhanced
  19. UTM – Anti-Virus using Kaspersky Lab
  20. UTM – Content Filtering
  21. AppSecure – Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)
  22. AppSecure – Application Firewall (AppFW), Application Tracking
  23. Blocking Applications (Skype, BitTorrent) using IDP and AppFW
  24. Policy-Based IPSec VPN (Site VPN)
  25. Route-Based IPSec VPN (Site VPN)